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would you set the table if I asked you to?
Humans morphing into Animals
Lamb With Spot and Blemish
[In progress] Performance Piece on self-discovery (sort of)
Babies on the Street: The Show!
“We always do the best we can by the light we have to see by.”
[In progress] 9 Pigeons who are trying to fly to Cancun

♡P!3ce of m3♡
Audience uses a QR code in order to tell us what to do.
Backyard un-curatable festival
Coding Projects
kind of like an "etc"


me ok so here are some things about me:
1. i am a creator/writer/director/and sometimes performer
2. i am also someone who gets to submit work for staff picks !
3. my work has been shown at The Brick, The Tank, pinkFROG cafe, SFPC/CultureHub, and i was an artist in residence with my collaborator (& friend) Matthew Antoci at IRT
4. also i'm a big fan of animals but not in a weird way
5. sometimes i crave a burger and am unable to shake away the craving no matter what i eat so usually i have to go get myself one but i don't have a favorite spot nearby because i feel like the ratio of veggies to bun or veggies to patty has to be a little specific but i'm also happy to walk around until i find something
6. (related to 5) i think i have an iron deficiency
7. seven feels like an unlucky number to end on
8. i actively work on resisting feeling of needing to be understood.
feel free to email me at hillary.gao1@gmail.com


  • 2024:
  • "Babies On The Street: The Show" (continuation of "untitled gabbie project") @The Brick 07.03.24 - 07.13.24
  • Quick + Dirty @Brick Aux 05.03.24 (paired with Leonie Bell)
  • "9 Pigeons" as a part of at ?!: New Works @The Brick 04.12.24 and 04.25.24
  • "a lamb with spot and blemish" at SalON! as a part of Exponential Festival 01.28.24
  • 2023:
  • "untitled gabbie project" 3B Development Series @IRT Theater 08.22.23 - 08.28.23
  • "would you set the table if I asked you to?" premiere @the Brick 07.07.23 - 07.14.23
  • 2022:
  • "a lamb with spot and blemish" reading @ pinkFROG cafe 12.06.22
  • "would you set the table if I asked you to?" workshop @the Tank NYC 09.25.22
  • Harvesting - Spring 06.05.22
  • 2021:
  • "would you set the table if I asked you to?" reading @the Tank NYC 08.18.21
  • Harvesting - spring 05.08.21
  • LawnShark (for Mom)
  • catCam
  • 2020:
  • "would you set the table if I asked you to?" (Feb 2020 - present)
  • Harvesting - fall 11.08.20
  • COVID19 Analysis with Julia (Mar - Aug)
  • 2019:
  • Central Park Conservancy Summer Internship
  • 2016:
  • Acoustic Holography (Mar. 2016- May 2020)

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