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would you set the table if I asked you to?
Humans morphing into Animals
Lamb With Spot and Blemish
[In progress] Performance Piece on self-discovery (sort of)
Babies on the Street: The Show!
[In Progress] word for word for word for word for word
[In progress] 9 Pigeons who are trying to fly to Cancun
♡P!3ce of m3♡
Audience uses a QR code in order to tell us what to do.
Backyard un-curatable festival
Acoustic Holography
Research done to build an acoustic camera and discover its applications
Coding Projects
kind of like an "etc"


me ok so here are some things about me:
1. i am a creator/writer/director/and sometimes performer
2. i am also someone who gets to submit work for staff picks !
3. my work has been shown at The Brick, The Tank, pinkFROG cafe, SFPC/CultureHub, and i was recently an artist in residence with my collaborator (& friend) Matthew Antoci at IRT
4. also i'm a big fan of animals but not in a weird way
5. sometimes i crave a burger and am unable to shake away the craving no matter what i eat so usually i have to go get myself one but i don't have a favorite spot nearby because i feel like the ratio of veggies to bun or veggies to patty has to be a little specific but i'm also happy to walk around until i find something
6. (related to 5) i think i have an iron deficiency
7. seven feels like an unlucky number to end on
8. i actively work on resisting feeling of needing to be understood.
feel free to email me at hillary.gao1@gmail.com


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