'would you set the table if I asked you to?'

Here is the house. It is not in the Outside. It has a nice big table. Here is the family. Mother child child and child. The family lives inside. And away from the Outside. The mother tells her children. Three truths lessons ideas. The children must always remember and remember and remember. Here is house. Not Outside. Nice big table. Family mother child child child live inside. With three truths lessons ideas remember remember remember. Here table family. mother tells child child child: one two three lessons.

Workshop at the Tank NYC (08.18.21)
Performers: Sharon Sakai, Allison Brooks, Nikkie Samreth; Tech: Celine Abdallah; Creative Director: Mars Garcia; Poster: Lucy Chi; Photography: Jack Lillian

Work in progress at harvesting (06.05.22)
Performers: Sharon Sakai, Allison Brooks, Ryn Stafford, Bing Zhu; Music: Riyaaz Ray; Creative Director: Mars Garcia; Photography: Lauren Chiriboga

Workshop at the Tank NYC (09.25.22)
Performers: Sharon Sakai, Allison Brooks, Cynthia Hu, Anya Zhang, Hillary Gao; Understudy: Amy Hart; Music: Riyaaz Ray; Movement Director: Mars Garcia; Photography: Lauren Chiriboga; Lighting Designer/Tech: Celine Abdallah; Costume Designer: Nikkie Samreth; Thought Partner: Mary Ann Odete ; Graphic Designer: Lucy Chi

1 Week Run at the Brick Theater NYC (07.07.23 - 07.13.23)
Performers: Sharon Sakai, Miranda Kang, Ring Yuqi Yang, Shan Y Chuang, Rita Liu; SM/Lighting Designer: Celine Abdallah; Movement Director: Mars Garcia; Assistant Director: Elizabeth Crawford; Costume Designer: Dan Wang; Dramaturgical Consultant: Annie Wang; Line Producer: Leigh Honigman; Poster: Lucy Chi; Photography: Lauren Chiriboga

We'd like to thank The Puffin Foundation for their support of this project. "would you set the table if I asked you to?" is a proud recipient of the A.R.T./New York Funds for Anti-Oppression Microgrant and the Abrons Arts Center NYSCA Rehearsal Space Subsidy Program.

"Fitting what the late, great Ntozake Shange called a choreopoem, the show's virtuosity lies in its interlocking forms... Poetry fans will devour the rich language, wordplay, and themes. The show serves up concepts of tradition, expectation, familial obligation, and etiquette, wrapped in motifs of animalistic claws, jaws, and teeth, vying for success."
Andrew Agress in Theatr
"A New Play Centering Asian American Assimilation Comes to The Brick" Billy McEntee in GreenPointers