'untitled gabbie project'

Co-created by Matthew Antoci and Hillary Gao

Gabie's been journaling, writing music, working super hard -- and also just learned she's God's Messiah.
After going public, she's on the front-page of the Internet. California Police and a rogue fan named Nick invade her house. In the background, a crowd forms, unsure if they should look.
Her race is debated, her decades-long history in the public eye is crucified… they're meme-ing her ass to death, girl. They laugh and pity and bite back, all while Her holy book is written. Over 300 videos from internet personality @gabbiehanna's TikTok are adapted into a verbatim performance piece.

Dramaturgy by Adin Lenahan & Lizz Mangan
Movement Consultant by Mars Garcia

3B Development Series at IRT Theater (08.22-28.23)
Performers: Gabriella Gonzalez, Miranda Kang, James La Bella, April Lichtman, Sam Xu